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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."
( — M.L. King, 1963)


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You're Like a Steve Jobs —
Without All That Genius Baggage

( — nod to Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog)

I got my first computer, a Microsoft Windows PC, in 1998. I got my first Apple Macintosh in 2003. I’ve used both formats regularly since then. When it comes to the PC-versus-Mac debate, I’m relatively unbiased. But now that Steve Jobs has passed on, rest his soul, it’s time for someone to speak up. ... (continued)

— Milestones —

DIED: John F. Mitchell,
Inventor of Cellphone Prototype

No more uninterrupted dinners at Denny’s

You (or your grandfather) may remember Michael Douglas walking along a private beach in the 1987 film Wall Street. He was conducting some sinister business on a wireless contraption introduced by Motorola in 1983 called the DynaTAC. It weighed nearly three pounds and listed for $3995. This first commercial version of today’s cellphone was as big as Michael’s head, but it was very cool. Lovingly nicknamed the "Brick," Mitchell’s invention changed life as we knew it. ... (continued)

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Steve Jobs

Another thing about Steve Jobs — He was not a people person. And Tiger Woods was not monogamous. Apparently, Steve thought nothing of trashing a subordinate’s psyche or brutalizing an employee’s ego to get results.

Motorola cellphone prototype: "The Brick"

No more standing in serene lines at the grocery store.

- All Seriousness
Aside -

- Guest Article -

Bill Moyers Delivers the First Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture

"Critical Thinking Is a Traditional Value"

WARNING: Every effort has been made to establish a thematic relationship between each article and its companion audio/video tracks. However, some associations are more apparent than others. And some are simply an excuse to show off our self-perceived finely tuned erudite humor.


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